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Discover who is behind Black Spruce Herbals and how I came to walk this sacred path of herbalism.

My name is Emma.

Clinical Herbalist & Educator, Radical Birthkeeper, Postpartum Care Provider, Ceremonialist, and Mother.

For most of human history, and in some places and cultures still, humans have honored and acknowledges the spiritual dimension of dis-ease and thus, healing. 

Traditional healers, cross culturally and throughout time, utilize divination, seership, and spirit communication to determine the nature of sickness, and provide remedies and rituals to release, remove, resolve, repair, or regenerate what is needed. 

These healers also had a deep awareness of the physical - they palpated the body, listened to symptoms, smelled their patients' breath, asked about appetite, sleep, mood, etc. And their remedies often, if not always, included plant medicines with chemical actions that would bring physical relief and healing.

Healers on this path (both during the time of our ancestors, and in modern day) have intentionally been trained to not divide body from mind from spirit from heart from earthbody. It is all connected, it is all interwoven. It is all one.


As an herbalist and healer, I know that energy precedes matter, that spirit precedes form; as above so below. When I work with the energetic, spiritual dimension through song, incantation, myth, flower essences + homeopathy, prayer, energy work, and all other intagible methods of folk healing... 


I am able to effect incredible change in the body, matter, and form. My work focuses on reclaiming these ancestral folkways, our intimacy with earth, and tending women, mothers, and families with herbal medicine.



2023: Closing of the Bones Workshop, Brienne LeFlair

2023: Physiological Baby Care, Innate Traditions, Rachelle Garcia Selega

2021: Radical Birth Keeper School, Freebirth Society

2020: The Complete Guide to Freebirth 

2017-2019: BS in Restoration Ecology and Environmental Horticulture, University of Washington

2017-2018: The Enchanted Forest and Hedgerow, Corinne Boyer

2016: Flower Essence Practitioner Training, Tree Frog Farm

2016: The Witches Gaze: Ecstatic Journeying and The Art of Faring Forth


2015: Shamanic Journeying for Herbalists, Lauren Herold

2015: Beyond Trauma: Neurobiology, Epigenetics, and Health Justice

2014: Natural Medicine Assessment Tools: Ancient to Contemporary, Gigi Stafne

2013-2014: Master Herbalist Certification Program, Green Wisdom School, Gigi Stafne

2013: Intermediate Herbalist: Field Study, Green Wisdom School of Herbal and Botanical Medicine

2011-2012: The Arctos School of Herbal and Botanical Studies, Missy Rohs and Gradey Proctor

2010: Wild Edible Plants: Plant Identification, Wilders Guild

2009: Wild River School of Herbal Medicine, Laurel Pena

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