Emma Day is an herbalist, teacher, and a devotee of the living sensual world. 

Growing up in a family of farmers, environmental scientists, and spiritual explorers cultivated in her a deep respect for both the phenomenal and mundane realities of nature, and a desire to live in close connection to the earth. She has been studying and working with plants since 2009, and is a certified Master Herbalist and the owner of Black Spruce Herbals.

The life force in all its complexity and glory has always been perceptible to her most strongly through plants, and early on, experiencing this divine energy so directly in interactions with them opened her mind to the teachings of spirit and the ways of magic.

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-Wild River School of Herbal Medicine, Laurel Peña, 2009

-Wild Edible Plants: Plant Identification, Wilders Guild, 2010

-The Arctos School of Herbal and Botanical Studies, Missy Rohs and Gradey Proctor, 2011-12

-Intermediate Herbalism: Field Study, Green Wisdom School of Herbal & Botanical Medicine, 2013

-Master Herbalist Certification Program, Green Wisdom School, Gigi Stafne, 2013-14

-Natural Medicine Assessment Tools: Ancient to Contemporary, Gigi Stafne, 2014

-Beyond Trauma: Neurobiology, Epigenetics and Health Justice, Lydia Bartholow, 2015

-Shamanic Journeying for Herbalists, Lauren Herold, 2015

-The Witches Gaze: Ecstatic Journeying & The Art of Faring Forth, Ylva Radziszewski, 2016

-The Enchanted Forest and Hedgerow, Corinne Boyer, 2017-2018

-B.S. Restoration Ecology and Environmental Horticulture, 2017-2019