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Do you feel totally overwhelmed by all the information out there about how to be healthy and vital as a modern woman?


“Seed cycling, fasting, and avoiding sugar - oh my!” 


There is so much to wade through. 

Whole Woman Wellness

You deserve to feel a deep sense of well-being and radiate a glowing vitality. 
  • to have stable energy, clear skin, smooth digestion, and a healthy metabolism. 
  • to have an easy menstrual cycle and be in touch with your innate fertility. 
  • to have clarity of mind and strength of body.
  • to embody a naturally joyful state of being.

Meanwhile, you may be struggling with persistent symptoms:

  • "infertility"

  • disordered or painful menstrual cycles

  • fatigue

  • brain fog

  • anxiety

  • issues with your digestion and skin

  • food intolerances, and more.  


You feel frustrated, and either try a million things, or none.


​Some things seem like they’re working, only to have your symptoms return later in full force, or have new ones pop up.

The only solutions your doctor is providing come with a list of side effects, and they’re only masking the symptoms, not healing the root.

You want natural, safe, and effective remedies to support your unique self, but just don't even know where to start. 

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"“Women — nurturing their families, taking time to listen to both plants and everyday concerns — are the ones who carry the Earth wisdom forward.”

I'm honored to be a guide and ally on your wellness journey.


As a clinical herbalist, I focus on women's health and the birthing continuum: fertility ~ conception ~ pregnancy ~ birth ~ postpartum.


I support women, mothers, and families in taking radical responsibility for their health using natural remedies through wellness consults, hand-crafted herbal medicines, and holistic education.

I am invested in providing education, insight, and compassionate care to support your thriving.

Fortified by practical knowledge, greater self awareness, and personalized herbal remedies:


✦ You integrate plant medicine into your life, taking radical care of yourself and your family.

✦ You reconnect to your roots and awaken the wise woman within.


✦ You trust in the wisdom of your body, untangling from a system that believes we are broken and unable to heal ourselves or birth our babies on our own terms.


✦ You feel more connected to your body, to your cycles, and to your glorious feminine nature.


✦  You incorporate more natural and joyful ways of being into your life.

Let's do this!

Whole Woman Wellness Consult

Whole Woman Wellness consults are holistic herbal sessions geared towards building glowing health. 

Together we will take a loving look at your past and current health, and discuss your goals and desires in working together. I work with herbs and flower essences which shift patterns of disharmony in your body/mind/spirit and release what may be blocking the innate healing intelligence of your body.

My goal is to honor and uplift personal responsibility for your health, and find ways to strengthen your ability to know what it is your mind/body/heart need to find balance and well-being.

"To be alive is to be able to heal."



Whole Woman Wellness Consult includes:

  • Two 45 minute sessions. 

    • In the first session (intake) we will go over your intake form, dive deep into your health history, and explore your current concerns and goals. Within 48 hours of our session I will send you a list of recommendations and 1-3 herbal remedies*.

    • In the second session (follow up) we will check in about your wellness plan and protocol, shifting formulas and the plan as needed. There will be a list of recommendations and 1-3 remedies* sent out to you within 48 hours. 

      • Email and phone support for questions if they arise.

  • Package investment: $150

* Remedies may include some combination of tinctures, elixirs, tea blends, salves or infused oils, flower essences, and more. They will be mailed to you after our remote consult.

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