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Expand your herbalist practices with in-depth courses, apprenticeships, and opportunities for long-term personal work together on the plant medicine path.




Do you feel the spirit of your ancestors calling you, sister? Do you know in your body that there is a wiser way for this life? Have you felt the pull toward Earth-based ceremony, motherhood in authenticity, and the practices of old?

The Wise Woman Way is a sacred, guided program to integrate the ancient practices of fully integrated womanhood. It is a deep journey into two facets of female archetypes: the healer, and the mother, where you will learn and explore both sovereign birth/motherhood, and herbalism.

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The Wise Woman Way: Holistic Herbalism &
Sovereign Womanhood

A potent combination of my experience, wisdom, and learnings as a Radical Birthkeeper and as an Herbalist, the Wise Woman Way is a path curated for those who are seeking a deep remembrance of the ancestral feminine ways.

This course will integrate education in all expressions and stages of sovereign womanhood with holistic herbalism to usher you into the embodied divine female.

Whether you are actively pregnant or not, pursuing a path as an herbalist or not, this course is for you.


You will walk away with the tools to support all phases of womanhood as a wise, integrated being.


This course is for the woman who seeks to harness her womanhood through the traditions of our past, that are written in our very DNA: birthing and mothering in sovereignty, healing the family and the community, and building relationship with the sacred great Mother Earth.

Open for enrollment in September 2023.


Traditional Herbalism Apprenticeship


Do you feel called to the plant path? 

Do you want to:

  • Learn how to identity, gather, and make medicine from the abundant and healing herbs of the land.

  • Gain a holistic understanding of both wellness and disease, and how to approach them with natural remedies.

  • Develop deep relationships with the green world, with your own inner healer and wise one, and with your ancestors who worked with plants.

  • Begin to cultivate a way of life that centers gathering the seasonal and medicinal abundance of the land for yourself and your community.

  • Learn from an experienced master herbalist, green witch, and wild mother in a traditional herbal apprenticeship.

If this is calling you,


I am now taking applications for a traditional 1:1 style herbal apprentice!

What is a traditional apprenticeship?

Our time together will be spent on the land, meeting and gathering the herbs, making medicines, at educational events as needed, logistical and administrative tasks, and more.


You will be able to ask me anything, soak up the wisdom that comes from using your hands to forage and craft remedies, and you will also have homework (case studies, materia medica, etc.) outside of our meetings you’ll receive my feedback on.


We will meet for 2-4 hours each week, depending on various factors, and expect to do another 2 hours of personal work outside of our time together. Where and how long we meet will vary and shift with the seasons, but a 3-month commitment is required. It's an honor and a joy to create space to recreate this ancestral method of learning and skill-building. I am taking this relationship seriously, and am interested in apprentices who will do the same. 


TO APPLY, please email with:

  • Your name and contact info (email, phone)

  • Share a little about your current life situation - school, work, home, family, etc.

  • Level of experience w/ herbalism, foraging, etc.

  • Why you felt called to apply

  • What you’re hoping to learn and cultivate through our time together

  • A rough outline of your summer schedule (when you’d be available to meet)

  • Any skills you have in graphic design, photography, social media management, etc.


Online Courses, Programs, & More

No available programs

Seeking more information?

Book a Free Discovery Call with me to discuss your holistic wellness needs and we can determine together which herbal consultation service would be best for you at this time.

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