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Grow with holistic 1:1 support through health coaching, personalized guidance, and herbal wisdom for times of acute need. 

Step into vibrant health.

Elevate your life with the power of plant medicine, guided by an experienced practitioner.


I offer herbal consults geared towards building glowing health and resiliency from the ground up, for all phases of life - with a passion for supporting women in the motherhood continuum.

I am honored to be a guide and ally on your wellness journey.


As a clinical herbalist, my calling is providing wellness consultations and custom herbal remedies to help my community and the larger Earth-community thrive.


The focus of my practice is working with women to create vitality and wellness throughout their birthing year(s), from preconception to postpartum.


I support mothers and families to take radical responsibility for their health using natural remedies and the sacred remembrance of earth medicine.

I am invested in providing education, insight, and compassionate care to support your thriving.

What is an Herbal Consult?

Together we will take a loving look at your past and current health, and discuss your goals and desires in working together. We will work with herbs and flower essences to shift patterns of disharmony in your body/mind/spirit and release what is blocking the innate healing intelligence of the body. I might also recommend nutritional and movement therapies, lifestyle shifts, and/or referrals to other healing modalities and practitioners.


Fortified by practical knowledge, greater self-awareness, and personalized herbal remedies, you can expect:

✦ Confidence in integrating plant medicine into your life, taking radical care of yourself and your family.

✦ A reconnection to your roots and awakening of the wise woman within.


✦ Trust in the wisdom of your body, untangling from a system that believes we are broken and unable to heal ourselves or birth our babies on our own terms.


✦ Connection to your body, to your cycles, and to your glorious female nature.


✦ To incorporate more natural and joyful ways of being into your life.

Herbal Consultation

Get the quick support and clinical herbalism wisdom that you need in a moment of acute illness or ailment to support your healing.

Wise woman advice focused on a specific issue, need, or acute illness.

An Acute Wellness Consultation includes: 

30-minute remote consult, or an email or text where you explain what's going on for you if that's preferable.

We will explore your current condition and symptoms in depth. After our session you will receive a wellness plan with suggestions for healing, as well as a custom herbal protocol. 

Generally, we work with 1-3 remedies to support the resolution of whatever acute issue you're facing. Cost of custom remedies are not included in the package price - you'll have the option to purchase custom remedies from me after you receive your initial protocol. They are available for local pickup (free), or can be shipping anywhere in the US (standard shipping rates apply). 

You may also chose to source herbs yourself, though it is recommended to purchase custom blended remedies as they have been crafted specifically for you.

*Remedies will include some combination of tinctures, elixirs, tea blends, salves or infused oils, bath salts, capsules, hydrosols, flower essences, and more*.

Investment: $50


Why work with an herbalist?

Here are some common conditions that might benefit from working with a clinical herbalist...

Reproductive Health: menstrual cramps, PMS, irregular cycles, PCOS, menopausal complaints, cervical dysplasia, STI's, “infertility,” estrogen dominance, chronic yeast infections or BV

Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum: morning sickness, threatened/repeated miscarriage, “anemia,” pre-eclampsia, hemorrhoids, vaginal tearing, issues with breastfeeding and milk supply, mastitis and clogged ducts

Childhood Ailments: ear infections, nausea/vomiting, constipation/diarrhea, skin wounds, colds and flus, fevers

Digestion: heartburn/GERD, chronic indigestion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, poor appetite, chronic nausea, chronic constipation/diarrhea, gut dysbiosis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease

Urinary Health: chronic UTI's, interstitial cystitis

Respiratory: asthma, bronchitis, chronic or recurrent respiratory infections

Cardiovascular: high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart palpitations

Sleep: insomnia, nightmares

Musculoskeletal: muscle cramps and spasms, joint pain, arthritis

Immunity: seasonal allergies, food sensitivities/intolerances, recurrent infection and illness, chronic fatigue, mold illness, Lyme and co-infections

Autoimmune Conditions: Hashimoto’s, Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis

Mental Health: PTSD, depression, anxiety, brain fog, panic attacks, mood swings

Skin: acne, eczema, psoriasis, rashes

Acute Conditions: cold, flu, acute respiratory infections, etc.



Herbal Consultations

Welcome, I’m an herbalist who provides herbal medicine and holistic education to help my community thrive.


I support mothers and families in taking radical responsibility for their health using natural remedies.

Book a discovery call with me today to discover how herbs and natural living can elevate you and your families wellness.

To be alive is to be able to heal.

Do you yearn to feel confident in and connected to earth-based ways of healing, eating, birthing, and living?


Do you feel called to learn more about herbalism and natural living? 


Are you struggling to understand your body’s symptoms, or those of your child?

The truth is, the hard, beautiful, and important work of raising the next generation and creating a new culture lies with mothers and families.


I am invested in providing education, insight, and compassionate care during this time to further your thriving. 


“Women — nurturing their families, taking time to listen to both plants and everyday concerns — are the ones who carry the Earth wisdom forward.”

I’m honored to be a guide on your journey to vital, glowing vitality and health freedom.


My work focuses on women's health: fertility – conception – pregnancy – birth – postpartum - and whole family health, where I provide herbal consults, custom remedies, and holistic education.


My goal is to support women, mothers, and families in taking radical responsibility for their health using natural remedies.


Seeking more information?

Book a Free Discovery Call with me to discuss your holistic wellness needs and we can determine together which herbal consultation service would be best for you at this time.

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