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What is healing?

Healing is reclaiming our power, taking it back from trauma, fear, grief, betrayal, anger, resentment. It is working on relationship - to self and other, to our purpose, will, passion, and to our joy. 


Healing is engaging with the unknown, uncertain, and unexplored to then overcome the limitations we have created to survive so we we may truly thrive. Well-being is more than the absence of disease, it is peace of mind and an abundance of vitality. 

About the healing work I do...

The work I do in personal healing sessions centers around the use of plant medicine for the body, mind, and spirit. The use and formulation of flower essences is foundational to my work, though I also use aromatherapy, incense/fumigation blends, plant oracle readings, astroherbology, herbal medicine (tinctures, teas, salves, bath blends), and mindfulness practices. The intention in one-on-one consultations is to create a container for reconnection and empowerment, for beauty and rootedness to unfold. 


The power and efficacy of plant medicines to bring the body, heart, mind and spirit into healthful harmony has been proven over and again across millennia and in every part of the world where humans and plants coexist. Flower essences in particular, do dynamic work to shift and realign the heart and soul processes that underlie our physical well-being, or that underlie patterns of dis-ease, stagnation, or discomfort.

Flower essences are tools of emotional freedom,

of vision, stability, rootedness.

They are guidance from the consciousness of plants

to aid our life journeys and evolution.

The depth, breadth and scope of use for flower essences and plant spirit medicine are essentially unlimited, but I have experience with and have witnessed success using flower essences for:

  • Increasing awareness of the mind-body connection

  • Facilitate reflective self-awareness and responsibility

  • Develop a feeling of groundedness and stability

  • Become more in-touch with and caring towards the physical body

  • Bestow more vitality, energy, and resiliency

  • Harmonize relationships

  • Resolve energetic components to physical disease and illness

  • Offer guidance and support from the earth and from spiritual realms

  • Aids in life transitions like puberty, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, changing careers, moving, etc.

  • Aids in emotional and behavioral transitions like breaking addictions, changing patterns, habits, etc.

  • Strengthens psychic senses and capacities while reinforcing protective boundaries

  • Harmonizes the chakras and the etheric and electrical systems of the body

Flower remedies (essences) are unique in that they are a source of intelligent healing energy that is available to both educate and empower the person taking them. They may be readily introduced into any health care program, and do not interfere with nor are they adversely affected by other forms of treatment, such as homeopathic remedies or prescription drugs. They may be safely used by people of all ages, and can also be a gift of healing to members of the animal and plant kingdoms.

Healing sessions are done in person, over the phone, or via skype. I offer free 15-30 informational consultation to discuss your goals and intentions in working with plant medicine. You will leave with a personalized, intuitively chosen and divined flower essence dosage bottle, sometimes a single essence but most often a blend of anywhere from 2-25 essences.


While vibrational remedies are the core of my work, I rely on numerous other skills in my medicine basket. A healing session may include:

  • Plant Oracle Reading

  • Astroherbology

  • Aromatherapy

  • Sacred Incense/Fumigation

  • Herbal medicine (tinctures, teas, salves, etc.)

  • Mindfulness practices

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