Emma’s classes focus on bioregional herbalism, ethical wild-crafting, medicine making, ways to cultivate intimate relationship with the green world, psychic development, personal empowerment through reconnection with ancestral teachings, and the rich world of plant magic.
Emma is currently in transition, moving across the country to the Duluth, Minnesota. When she settles in there she hopes to find a space to hold this program again in person. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know about future Into the Wild Wood circles.

Into the Wild Wood: A Magical Herbal

A true herbalist is one who knows the secrets of the plants. We are called by many names: plant-wise, cunning folk, herbwyves, wise women, witches... and we have come to our knowledge through wandering the many serpentine paths of relationship to the natural world and its cycles. Deep contemplation and study, trusting the experiential intelligence of the body, planting seeds and tending gardens, being nursed ourselves by healing herbs, creating magic and medicine with the green ones, and connecting directly with the plant kingdom through intuition, journey-work, and dreams. Plants are teachers, ancestors, lovers and friends, they are kin whose wisdom reaches back to the dawn of time and deep into the very soul of the world, the numinous spirit of all things. 


There is a rising interest for this sort of rooted knowledge, and as we move into an era of increasing conflict, instability, and disconnection it becomes more important than ever to build resilience through relationships of reciprocity that nourish our spirits while they nourish the earth and tend the well of spirit. Plants are some of the most accessible allies on the journey back to the spirit, back to our magical selves, back to our power, back to our soul-deep inner knowing, and back to an embodied sense of belonging and intimacy with the world.

Into the Wild Wood is a year-long course focused on building personal relationship with plants and their spirits for magic, ritual and healing work. Personal relationship is foundational, and developing the intuitive and psychic skills needed for deep communication will be the core of this program. The scope and practice of plant magic is vast, as plants have been used by every human culture throughout time for a multitude of uses, but we will focus on the plants of the beautiful Northern Midwest/Great Lakes and on the magical traditions of northern, western, and central Europe. From love magic to plants for protection, a wide range of applications will be explored and created together. Throughout this class series you will:​​

  • Gain an understanding of the basic tools and skills necessary for direct communication with plant spirits 

  • Begin to develop a personally fulfilling cosmology and deepen your spiritual practice  

  • Cultivate a rich network of relationships to plant allies that will support your growth 

  • Study the historic uses of many trees and plants native or naturalized in this bioregion

  • Learn how to craft unique ritual objects and preparations for personal magical use

  • Deepen your connection to the cycles of nature and to the landscape we call home

  • Build community rooted in acknowledging and honoring an enchanted worldview

Past Schedule

February 4thFoundations of communication with the plant kingdom; Energetic herbalism and plant spirit medicine; Bioregionalism, Animism and Polytheism; An enchanted worldview; Red Cedar as the Mother Creatrix


February 18th Connection to the Otherworld(s); Herbs for dreaming; The many-fold pathways to occult knowledge; Reimagining the triple goddess through Birch medicine - Maiden, Mother, Crone, and the Mystery beyond; The art of offerings


March 11th - Spring tonic plants; The healing power of Viriditas ~ green vitality, verdure, lushness, growth; Magic of the springtime awakening and herbs for cleansing the home; Astrology and plants; The Alder tree and Water magic


April 29th - Beltane traditions; Aphrodisiac and lust-inducing plants; Love philtre and potion-making throughout the ages; Devotions in smoke, incense as fragrant gift to the gods; Using aromatic plants to shift consciousness; The doctrine of signatures; Sensual intelligence of Big-leaf Maple


May 13th - Birth and Fertility magic; Flower Essences as spirit guides; Herbs for inspiration and the creative flow; Ritual bathing and purification practices; Aphrodite, Freya, and Venus as patronesses of beauty, glamour, and adornment magic; Hawthorn as Goddess of Sovereignty


June 10th - Solar plants for radiant confidence and protection; The sacred fire in ritual workings; Midsummer traditions; Ointments, salves, and anointing oils for healing, protection and consecration; Tending the sacred garden as path to plant-wisdom; Betwixt the blossom and the bough - Apple tree magic


August 12th - Healing and luck magic; Plants of our ancestors and finding power in innate affinities; The honorable harvest as the dance of reciprocity; Animal medicine in the urban scape; Herbs to bring abundance, manifestation and success; The radiant god in the Bay Laurel tree


September 2nd - Crafting libations, cordials and elixirs; Kitchen witchery and sacred foods; Altar-making as a transformative art; Harvest festival traditions and the magic of feast days; Working with stones and crystals; Plants for banishment, warding and curse-unraveling; Elder: the tree of witches   


October 28th - Plant kin as ancestors; Samhain and Ancestress Night; Divination herbs and those that open the second sight; Mushroom magic for shadow work and transformation; Allies to healing ancestral wounds; Protection during the thinning of the veil; The Yew tree as ancient spirit-guide


November 11th - Walking the poison path and plants of bane; Tending a witches’ garden; The legacy of Hecate, Medea and Circe; Underworld-work for unraveling trauma; Death-midwifery with herbal allies; Bone, blood and fur magic; The Protectress Rowan and her circle of light


December (Date TBA) - Plants of Yule and the Winter Solstice; Re-birthing the sun and bearing witness; Solar myth and storytelling; Home protection plant magic; The Protective and Nurturing Douglas Fir; Building community through an ecological lens

All classes are held on Sundays from 11am-4pm. Priority will be given to those folks who have committed to attending a minimum of 6 classes or the entire years' program, though there will be availability for drop-ins as space allows. Cost for each class is  $85 and will include the materials fee for glass bottles, jars, and vials, essential oils and hydrosols, dry and fresh herbs, gemstones, honey, salt, clay, wine, and other supplies for magical crafting. Greatly reduced tuition is available to BIPOC and trans/non-binary folks. Sliding scale is available, please reach out to me if needed.