Emma’s classes focus on bioregional herbalism, ethical wild-crafting, medicine making, ways to cultivate intimate relationship with the green world, psychic development, personal empowerment through reconnection with ancestral teachings, and the rich world of plant magic.

Plantae Magicae: Deep Study of the Green World

In a modern world so removed from the wild green, how do we as plant-loving devotees, get back in touch with the language of the botanical?  Just because plants do not communicate in words does not mean they are not conscious.  They are very much sentient beings, and highly intelligent, ancient ones at that.  They are in constant correspondence with each other, the Earth, and potentially us – if we simply listen.   

Science is only just beginning to understand the unspoken language of the green world.  Herbalist Steven Buhner says:

“The plants release the Earth's subtle chemistries through their intertwined interdependent synaptic feedback loops faster and more complexly than researchers, or anyone, can write them down. Their meanings pile one on top of another until the linear mind is overwhelmed. They shift the fabric of our world, touch us with meanings, in ways too complex for our conscious mind to grasp.” 


It is hard for us to comprehend this language of the Earth that uses no words.  It is difficult to apply scientific study to a system of so many variables beyond analytical comprehension. 

How, then, do we gain deeper access to the teachings of this

bountiful earth, and its inherent healing capacity? 


A deeper level communication with flora can be forged through psychic attunement, meditation, intention, and paying attention to sensory and emotional impressions. To read about a plant and its uses, history, and healing aspects is one thing, and a powerful thing at that. But to see and sense and deeply feel these same things in our inner selves is another, even more powerful thing. It can be truly life-changing to re-learn the art of receiving information from our subtle perceptions and from the plants themselves. Many of us were told as children that plants can’t talk, nor can trees or stones or rivers, and so we forgot how to listen and how to understand them. 


Won’t you join us in rewriting that story for ourselves?

This is a class for those interested in engaging with the subtle vibrations of the plant world. A lot can be learned about a plant and its medicine by sitting with it.  Let’s get together with some plant friends and see what of their wisdom arise for us as individuals and in community. After the plant sits, there will be opportunities to share your experience and discuss with the collective. Teachings about the featured plants from the perspective of western herbalism, European folk traditions, and magical practices will be shared.

This offering will meet Wednesday nights once monthly January through November, featuring different plants each month. You are welcome to drop-in and out of the series at any time, $20-35 sliding scale. No prior experience of any kind is necessary to enjoy this work, only an admiration of plants! This is a simple exercise of tuning in to your extrasensory perceptions, which will be reviewed and discussed at each meet up.   

2018 Dates:

*All dates Wednesdays from 7-9pm*

April 18th

May 16th

June 13th

July 25th

August 22nd

September 19th

October 17th

November 14th