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Wild Rose Medicine 🌙

Hello lovely people,

Welcome to the very first Black Spruce Herbals blog post! I'm so glad you're here and reading along as I begin this journey.

Wow, I am SO excited to devote myself to the practice of collecting, writing, and sharing my thoughts and musings about all things related to:

❊ plants and herbal medicine

❊ witchcraft and magic

❊ the wisdom of myth and folklore

❊ unearthing and embodying the wild feminine

❊ finding ancestral reconnection and folkways

And hopefully building a community of like-minded people!

I'm placing the wild rose at the beginning of this blogging journey because she is my favorite plant friend, teacher, ancestor, and muse! 💗

Wild-hearted remedy for resiliency.

Teacher of fierce boundaries and embodied vulnerability.

Heart & Spirit Healing Ways

❊ She brings protection and deep support, holding us through heartsickness, grief, trauma, fear, panic, rage, and bitterness. Rose is particularly useful plant medicine for heartbreak and trauma where sexuality is involved, and there is an element of betrayal and violation. Blooming with such beauty, sweetness, and pleasure in the face of the suffering and challenges of life - this is her message, her teaching, and her medicine.

That this blooming is available to you too.

❊ Rose is a powerful ally when one feels a sense of hopelessness, apathy, wanting to give up, or when we're unable to find hope and a will to live. Apathy and resignation can cut us off from our own abundant inner and outer resources that help us weather hard times. It is this ability of rose to reconnect what trauma has disconnected in our bodies and inner selves that is at the root of how she helps us cultivate resiliency. And as a living plant, wild rose is considered a weedy nuisance in many places because she is so tough, hard to kill, and tenacious! Truly a wild spirit.

We absorb this defiant and joyous energy when taking her medicine.

Medicine Ways

Medicine Ways

❊ I love to make an elixir or an infused honey with fresh petals, flower buds, whole flowers, and a few leaves thrown in as well. You can also add some thorns to this elixir or a tincture to energetically bring in her fiercely-boundaried and protective qualities.


Fill a jar full of fresh petals (make sure they have never been sprayed with any chemicals and are at least 100 feet from a busy road), then fill 3/4 full with 50% vodka and top off with raw local honey.

Let this infuse for an entire moon cycle, shaking the jar with love daily, until you're ready to pour off your sensual and tasty heart-healing potion!

❊ Good combinations:

With peppermint and spearmint for a tasty tea.

With cardamom, vanilla, damiana, and cinnamon for a sensual aphrodisiac.

With shatavari root for a nourishing and anti-inflammatory female tonic.


We will be diving much deeper into wild rose medicine, and dozens of other herbs, practices, and resources, in my upcoming online course Resilient Hearts: Plant Allies for Unraveling Trauma which will run for a four weeks with weekly live classes, a private Facebook group for deeper sharing and community building, and some other goodies and bonuses thrown in too.

This is the program for:

  • mental health professionals

  • social workers

  • nurses and other health professionals

  • therapists, psychologists

  • herbalists, naturopaths, health coaches

  • trauma and grief workers

  • highly sensitive people

  • survivors, those who regularly experience oppression (BIPOC, queet, trans/non-binary, dis-abled folks, etc.)

  • anyone drawn to using plant medicine for cultivating emotional and spiritual resiliency!

~ Blessings to you and yours ~


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