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✦  Jörð ~ EARTH body oil  ✦


Named after the Norse goddess, the word jörð means earth. This beautifully aromatic, and medicinal infused oil is an invitation to love, honor, and tend to your body as an extension of the earth, and thus sacred ground. 


Use generously to bring warmth and nourishment to the skin and fascia. Opens and strengthens the energy meridians so that more light and energy can enter and circulate. Many of the included herbs are aphrodisiacs and help awaken our senses to encourage a full and pleasureable embodiment. The gem essences included harmonize energy flows and help literally ground energy in the body. 


Ingredients: Damiana, fenugreek, cinnamon, star anise, balsam poplar bud, calendula, rosehips, fennel, chamomile, damiana, ginger root, bay leaf, patchouli essential oil, carnelian, ruby + amber gem essence, infused in jojoba + coconut oil.


3 oz jar - $36


Suggested use: 

Use generously on areas of dry skin, to bring warmth and nourishment. To help you remember that your body is earth, and thus sacred. 

Jörð infused body oil

  • Returns and refunds not accepted at this time. Damaged or lost packages not covered by Black Spruce Herbals, but instead by USPS (up to $100).

  • Shipping time: 3-5 business days. 

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