Emma’s classes focus on bioregional herbalism, ethical wild-crafting, medicine making, ways to cultivate intimate relationship with the green world, psychic development, personal empowerment through reconnection with ancestral teachings, and the rich world of plant magic.

Current Classes


Herbal Medicine for the Seasons: Building a Home Apothecary

Using plants for medicine is an ancient human art that was, and still is, a necessity to keep one’s family and community healthy.  To create an herbal home apothecary is to make an investment in the health and well-being of your self, family, friends, and loved ones. 


This hands on and informative class series will cover practical medicine-making skills as well as discussing in depth a number of plants that are available in the midwest, how to harvest and prepare them, and what their medicinal and folkloric uses are. Upon leaving each class, we will have hand-crafted a small batch of seasonal herbal medicine you will bring home, and participants will leave with creative recipes to further explore. 

We will cover:

- What does it mean to truly live with the flow of the seasons?

- How botanical medicine can harmonize our body, mind and spirit with the natural world.

- Medicinal plants available locally during each season and how to work with them to cultivate a sense of well-being.

- How to ethically harvest and grow these herbs for future use.

- The most important remedies to have in a home apothecary. 

- Various methods of medicine-making and herbal preservation.

This will be an ongoing series with each class building off of the skills learned in earlier ones. But they are inspiring on their own and can be taken as a single drop-in. Class is on Friday from 5:30 - 8:30pm. The cost is $30.

2021 Schedule

The Wise Woman's Medicine Ways: July 30

The Enduring Power of Folk Herbalism: August 13

Cultivating Beauty and Resiliency: September 3

Green Healing and Vitality: September 24

Gathering and Preserving the Abundance: October 15

Grounding with Root Medicine: October 29

Tending the Heart and Spirit with Herbs: November 19

Going Inward for Wisdom: December 10

Past Classes


A Witch's Herbal: 3 part series


Part of walking the path of the witch involves forming relationships with plants as both healers and poisoners, bringers of blessing and bane. The poison plants of old have always been powerful allies and guides in the work of the witch, seer, mystic and healer, offering wisdom about honoring boundaries and fear, the birth-death-rebirth cycle of life, the ways of the spirit world, and more. 

This will be a three-part series. Time will be spent doing a trance with at least one plant per class, and will also be spent in discussion and lecture. Direct interaction with the spirits of the plants is one of the best ways to build relationship with poisonous plants in particular, and this will be our focus for the evening. 

We will cover:
- The history of the witch’s relationship to poisonous plants of the temperate regions
- The rich folklore of baneful plants and their role in mythic consciousness
- How to safely interact with and prepare medicines, amulets, and more from these herbs
- Tending relationship through gardening and practical advice on cultivation

Cost is $30, though no one turned away for lack of funds. Please bring a journal and an offering for the altar.

Herbal Anti-Virals: Staying in Healthy Relationship


2018 marks the 100-year anniversary of the 1918 Flu Epidemic that rocked the world, and it was the most deadly plague the world had ever seen, killing 130 million people. Our technological culture holds some serious misconceptions about the nature of viruses. Becoming informed and clearing up these misconceptions will empower us in the face of an increasing threat of global viral epidemics. The goal of this discussion and lecture is not to incite fear, but instead face reality with a steady gaze with the aim of finding ways to stay healthy. We will be focusing on herbal medicines for their elegance and effectiveness as potent anti-viral remedies. 


Topics covered:

  • The history of viruses, their profound intelligence, and important ecological role

  • How to live in balance with the viral ecosystems that surround us 

  • Herbal support for the immune system~tonics, adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms

  • In-depth information about a handful of the most powerful anti-viral herbs

  • Lifestyle tips on how to keep yourself and your family safe during times of sickness


Cost is $30, though no one turned away for lack of funds. Please bring a journal for notes.

Resilient Hearts: Using Plant Medicine for Emotional Health

The idea that our minds and bodies are intimately connected is not new to most of us, though it does run counter to the deeply held beliefs of our modern culture - scientific rationalism, the mechanical nature of the body, technological superiority, allopathic medicine. Science has finally begun acknowledging that “stress” profoundly affects our health, well-being, and longevity, with hundreds of studies emerging to illuminate the undeniable connection between mind and body. 

Luckily, plants and plant medicine offer amazing support to our nervous systems, our feelings and emotional selves, and to our hearts and minds. They are allies in authenticity and developing strength from the roots up. Herbs don’t suppress emotional symptoms, they help us remember how to feel differently and help us move through mental and emotional states to facilitate integration, growing stronger and wiser through the process.


The focus of this class will be the myriad ways we can reach out to herbs for solace and inspiration, and we will be framing herbal medicine from the context of trauma-informed care, inclusivity and accessibility. Plants don’t discriminate, they give freely of their medicine to all, and they have much to share with us about finding power where we are and in who we are. 

Topics covered:

  • The innate intelligence of our nervous systems and emotional selves - what it means to be sane in an insane world

  • How to use herbs to not get stuck in cycles of anxiety, depression, grief, worry, fear, or despair

  • Some of the best forms of plant medicine for the emotions, heart, and soul, and how to make and use them

  • Flower essences, fumigations and aromatherapy, infused body oils, elixirs and cordials, teas and baths

  • Native, abundant and accessible plants and trees who offer profound emotional support

  • Building relationship with plants as a gateway to deep healing and transformation


It is a two-part series, though taking only one session is fine. No experience with plant medicine is necessary. Cost is $30 for each class, $60 total.  Please bring a journal for notes.


Invasive Plant Medicine


Discussions about “invasive plants” happen in many different segments of society and industry, in professional contexts for landscapers, farmers, park land managers, and restoration ecologists, as well as in our personal gardens, homes, and neighborhoods. Many people hold quite vehement beliefs about the nature of these “invaders” and what we as a society should do about them. Examining the layers of belief we hold about invasive plants is an interesting and transformative process, one that can shine a light onto biases that we didn’t even know we were holding, and hopefully bring about a more balanced way of being in relationship with the living world. 


Many, if not all invasive plants are medicinal in some capacity, and present in abundance in rural and urban areas. We will talk in depth about a number of Washington’s "invasive” plants and how to use them for food, medicine, and as guides for how to live well in changing times.

Cost is $30, though no one turned away for lack of funds. Please bring a journal for notes.

Introduction to Flower Essence Medicine


“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful. They are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” 

-Luther Burbank


Flower essences are some of the most sustainable and earth-centered medicines available to ease the emotional and psychological stresses of our modern lives. They are a form of energy medicine that utilize the healing life-force of flowering plants and trees to provide support when we are ailing in mind, heart, and spirit. The restorative benefits of spending time in nature are well known to bring balance, serenity and sense of connection, and it is this healing energy of plants and trees that flower essences capture. 


In this class we will focus on the deep and transformative power of flower remedies to resolve stress-related emotional and mental challenges, and offer a way back to a more grounded and balanced way of being. We will meditate with flower essences from the Alaskan essence set, discuss how they work to mend and transform our inner worlds, and how to incorporate them into your life, home apothecary, or healing practice.

Topics covered:

  • What flower essences are, how they’re made, and the various ways to use them for change

  • Overview of the most common and accessible flower essence sets and their unique messages

  • The physical, emotional, and spiritual states that essences work on shifting, transforming, and healing

  • The art of using divinatory, intuitive tools to determine which essences are needed for self and others

  • How to make flower, gem and tree essences at home for personal healing and alignment


Cost is $30 and you will leave with a custom flower essence. No experience necessary, just come with a journal and pendulum if you already have one.