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Herbal consultations and personalized natural remedies for overall wellness and vitality, or a specific need. Birth story medicine sessions to integrate and release birth trauma. 


Wellness Consult

Claim radiant health with the power of plant medicine, guided by an experienced practitioner.

Holistic support for the birthing year: pre-conception ~ pregnancy ~ birth ~ postpartum. With a focus on women's health, herbs for children, and tending fertility.  


Radical Birth Keeper

Natural remedies and wise woman advice on a specific issue or acute illness. Holistic support for the whole family.


My goal is to empower and educate home herbalists.  


Birth Trauma Debrief

Your journey along the birthing continuum is always transformative — there is so much here to work with, heal from, and integrate.


Whether your birth was a few weeks ago, or a few years ago, telling your story is medicine.

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