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Tending the Mother: Herbal Support for the Birthing Year

Together we will explore the physiology and hormonal blueprint of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period, as well as the many healing plants who can offer healing, nourishment, and support for body/mind/spirit during this important time. You will learn how to holistically support mothers, babies, and families with the healing power and abundant vitality of the plants, ceremony, and knowledge of our human physiology.


Free eBook: Must-Have Herbal Remedies for Babies + Toddlers

Being the caretaker of young children is an incredibly important responsibility. And it is also challenging, scary, and overwhelming at times, especially when our little ones inevitably get hurt or sick.

Often our impulse is to head to the doctor or pharmacy to provide relief. But what if we could instead turn to the power of plants to heal our families?

When we fill our medicine cabinets with natural, safe, and effective herbal remedies, it takes the stress and fear out of those common childhood ailments we all face.

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