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✦  Gathering the Abundance: Late Summer tea blend  ✦


Late summer is the point between the outward yang seasons of spring and summer, and the inward yin seasons of fall and winter - and as such is a fortuitious time to regain our balance. 


This is a great time to support our digestion, metabolism, and immunity before the shift to fall. The herbs included in this blend promote lymph flow, encourage gut health, provide gentle support for the eliminative organs, and promote emotional flexibility and flow.


Ingredients: Calendula, yarrow, milky oat tops, codonopsis root, linden, coriander seed, wood betony, goldenrod, basil, spearmint.


2 oz bag - $15

5 oz bag - $23


How to:

Use 1 tsp of loose leaf herbal blend to 1 cup of hot water. Steep from 10-20 minutes and sweeten with a dash of raw honey. Sip slowly, savor, and enjoy. Drink up to 3 cups a day. 


*Use caution while trying to conceive or while pregnant.*

Gathering the Abundance tea blend

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