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These herbal creations and formulas honor both the abundance of late summer as well as tend to our bodies needs as the season shifts. 


The late summer medicine bundle contains 5 remedies ~ two oxymels, one tea blend, one elixir, and one infused body oil.


All are formulated to balance, cool, and nourish you through a dynamic and often busy season. 


The Late Summer Medicine Bundle is a discounted offer for all 5 seasonal remedies at the price of $165.



✦ Jörð ~ EARTH body oil

Named after the Norse goddess, the word jörð means earth. This beautifully aromatic, and medicinal infused oil is an invitation to love, honor, and tend to your body as an extension of the earth, and thus sacred ground. Use generously to bring warmth and nourishment to the skin and fascia. Opens and strengthens the energy meridians so that more light and energy can enter and circulate.


Ingredients: Damiana, fenugreek, cinnamon, star anise, balsam poplar bud, calendula, rosehips, fennel, chamomile, damiana, ginger root, bay leaf, patchouli essential oil, carnelian, ruby + amber gem essence, infused in jojoba + coconut oil.


3 oz jars ($36)


✦  Gathering the Abundance: Late Summer tea blend

Late summer is the point between the outward yang seasons of spring and summer, and the inward yin seasons of fall and winter - and as such is a fortuitious time to regain our balance. 


This is a great time to support our digestion, metabolism, and immunity before the shift to fall. The herbs included in this blend promote lymph flow, encourage gut health, provide gentle support for the eliminative organs, and promote emotional flexibility and flow.


Ingredients: Calendula, yarrow, milky oat tops, codonopsis root, linden, coriander seed, wood betony, goldenrod, basil, spearmint.


5 oz ($23) bag


✦ Mineral Rich Oxymel

A nutrient dense herbal tonic that my family enjoys daily to support metabolism, energy levels, and cellular health through its high bioavailable mineral content. This is also delicious (thanks to a rosehip heavy recipe with their sweet/tart flavor), and is safe for kids, pregnant and breastfeeding mamas. A tasty way to take your daily multivitamin!


Horsetail, nettle leaf, chamomile, milky oat tops, rosehips, orange peel, bee pollen, infused in apple cider vinegar + raw honey.


4 ($44) oz bottle


✦ Sacred Sweetness oxymel

A gorgeous deep ruby red, this delightfully fragrant oxymel supports digestion (especially bloating and gas pains), immunity, mental clarity, and has a bright and uplifting energy. The berries brings a powerful antioxidant action and increase the nutritional profile of this yummy creation.


Tulsi flowering tops, honeyberry, goji berry, wild chamomile/pineapple weed, garden chamomile, infused in apple cider vinegar + raw honey.


4 oz ($44) bottle


✦ Love & Light elixir

St. joan's wort flowering tops, rose petal, rosehips, organic vodka + raw honey.


St. joan's wort holds the frequency of Light, while Rose holds the frequency of Love. Let yourself be held in the cocoon of this beautiful and unusual duo. This remedy provides heart~spirit~whole self emotional and spiritual support, protection, blessing, and restoration. These herbal allies help soften and open our hearts to love, intimacy, connection, and forgiveness, while bringing stability and grounding to our emotional selves, mood, and mindset.


2 oz ($26) bottle

Late Summer Medicine Bundle

$173.00 Regular Price
$165.00Sale Price
  • Returns and refunds not accepted at this time. Damaged or lost packages not covered by Black Spruce Herbals, but instead by USPS (up to $100).

  • Shipping time: 3-5 business days. 

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