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✦  Sacred Sweetness oxymel  ✦


A gorgeous deep ruby red, this delightfully fragrant oxymel supports digestion (especially bloating and gas pains), immunity, mental clarity, and has a bright and uplifting energy. The berries included bring a powerful antioxidant action and increase the nutritional profile of this yummy creation.


May help support:

❁ Digestion and assimilation of nutrients

❁ Liver and gallbladder health

❁ Clear dampness and mucus from the body

❁ Promote mental clarity, calm, and concentration

❁ Support a balanced mood, emotional equilibrium, and mindset

❁ Reduce free radicals and tissue oxidation



Tulsi flowering tops, honeyberry, goji berry, wild chamomile/pineapple weed, garden chamomile, infused in apple cider vinegar + raw honey.


2 oz bottle - $24

4 oz bottle - $44


Suggested use:

Take a dropperful 1-2 times a day or as needed for emotional or physical support. 

Sacred Sweetness oxymel

  • Returns and refunds not accepted at this time. Damaged or lost packages not covered by Black Spruce Herbals, but instead by USPS (up to $100).

  • Shipping time: 3-5 business days. 

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