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Owned and operated by Emma Day, with a focus on plant medicine for women, mothers, and families. Black Spruce Herbals offers online and in-person workshops, women's circles, & other community events, as well as seasonal apothecary updates with hand-crafted small batch remedies. 



Black Spruce Herbals is an Earth-Based offering for women and families seeking a deeper and more intimate relationship with the healing plants that nature provides us. When I was a young girl, I became very interested in the idea and archetype of the "wise woman". I wanted to be a medicine woman, a midwife; I wanted to be in service to my community, both human and more-than-human.

I began learning to identify wild plants, and how to eat and utilize their magic as medicine. When I didn't find my place in the medicalized path of modern midwifery, I dove deeper into the world of green wisdom. I walked with wise teachers and sat at the feet of the plants themselves, growing medicinal plants, wild crafting, medicine making, supporting clients, leading workshops and apprenticeships, and always sharing my medicine with family and community; Always learning more, always deepening my relationships in all the ways I could over these last 13+ years on the plant path. 


When I became a mother, my path became more attuned to the frequency of the great womb. The plants of womanhood, and specifically motherhood, began speaking to me louder, more clearly. I became a Radical Birthkeeper and started crafting medicine specifically for women in the motherhood continuum. Now, Black Spruce Herbals dances beautifully among the woman-centered work I offer, and herbalism offerings for all.

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The Earth is asking that more of us remember and walk the plant path. Some are called to start an apothecary to craft high-quality medicine for others. Some are called to becoming a home herbalist, gaining confidence using plant medicine for their family's commonplace ailments.

A few are called to serve more broadly - the folk herbalists who act as a bridge, sharing the Earth's bountiful healing plants with their wider community. This is my sacred calling to the work of plant medicine - to reach the people near and far that require deep, transformational healing, and to offer them the wisdom of the plants as a conscious vessel.

Black Spruce Herbals offers courses, classes, workshops, community events, and Herbal Apprenticeship. I also offer specialized care for women in the motherhood continuum, which you can learn more about through Ceremony of Birth.



I'm so glad you're here.

My name is Emma. I am a sacred educator. I am a ceremony-keeper. I am a community herbalist, a daughter of the Great Mother. I am a tender to the land, and the holy newborn mother. I am a creatrix - of plant medicine, sacred teachings, and community spirit. I am a maker, a teacher, a wise woman, a wild mother.

“I had suffered for more than 20 years with getting at least one cold every winter that would inevitably progress to a sinus infection. While working with Emma, she recommended I try a tincture she developed that contains a blend of medicinal mushrooms and herbs to bolster my immune system. I include the tincture in my tea or juice every day, and since I started using it 4 years ago I have not had a single sinus infection, and have only had one mild cold! Daily use of the tincture is definitely transforming and strengthening my immune system by increasing its ability to reduce both the occurrence of colds and their severity. Thank you, thank you Black Spruce Herbals!”

Alexa Young, CA

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1:1 Herbal Apprenticeship

Are you curious about the path of herbalism, working with this Earth and her offerings, but aren't sure where to begin? I will soon be opening applications for my free, 1:1 Herbal Apprensticeship - a longterm guided journey of mentorship in the sacred path of herbalism as spiritual service work. Learn more here!

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