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Staying well through seasonal transitions

The wheel of the season turns.

The ease of summer has left us.

The wet cold days of autumn are upon us.

This is a time when nature lets go of what is no longer needed, shedding its leaves that go on to become the fertile compost for next spring, thus through sacrifice and release ensuring the next phase of the cycle will continue.

For many, this is a challenging time emotionally and physically, as some grieve the shortening days and colder temperatures as well as traverse seasonal infections and illnesses.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is known that autumn corresponds with the Metal element and with the organs of the Lungs and the Large Intestines. When in harmony, these organs and their energies support us in both receiving and letting go, with ease and flow.

When the Lungs are out of balance, it is common for folks to be more susceptible to colds, bronchial infections, sinusitis, allergies, shortness of breath, chest pain, and other lungs issues. When the Large Intestine energy is out of balance we can see constipation, gas, bloating, and abdominal pain are present. And there is difficulty with discernment - knowing what is good for you and what is draining, or not right for you in the moment - signifying a lack of connection to one's gut knowing.

Luckily, there are many simple and natural ways to support our body // mind // spirit during seasonal transitions!

Supportive practices for fall:

❊ Spend at least 10 minutes outside intentionally breathing fresh air. Even better if you can be in a forested space and practice mindfulness and bodyfulness.

✧ Make space for your grief and your sadness.

❊ Invite them in for a cup of tea, acknowledge their presence for you, and then honor what comes up in your body. Cry, move, shake, sound, breathe.

❊ Plant allies for working with grief: hawthorn, rose, mimosa bark, elderflower, lavender, angelica.

✧ Stretch your body daily.

❊ Mindful movement helps combat the muscle tightening that often comes with colder temperatures, and stretching supports the free flow of life force energy through our body.

✧ Declutter your living space.

❊ Give away what is no longer loved and needed so it can be enjoyed by another. Create structures and systems to organize your home and life.

❊ Make some intentional and/or ritualized space let go of whatever you can ~ worries, resentments, fears, frustrations, unrealistic expectations, grudges, limiting beliefs. It is safe to let it all go.

✧ Prioritize hydration.

❊ Instead of drinking plain water, incorporate more hydrating options like: bone broth; soups and stock; veggies and fruits, fruit juices; raw milk; mineral rich herbal teas.

❊ Moistening herbs to include: marshmallow, licorice, slippery elm, shatavari, violet, mullein.

✧ Herbal medicine, of course!

❊ Lean in to gently cleansing, nutritive, and respiratory herbs during this season.

Invest in your wellness by consulting with an experienced herbalist and receive customized herbal remedies for whatever symptoms and health challenges you're facing.

✧ Consider a gentle cleanse.

❊ Focus on warm, nourishing foods vs. cold or raw foods. This is a wise practice for the cooler seasons in general, and is a simple way to strengthen your digestion overall.

❊ Enjoy the sauna 2-4 times per week and/or take hot epsom salt + baking soda baths.

Hope you have a beautiful, connected, and peaceful autumn!


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